Optimizing Public Transportation

Nov 2, 2019
Development, Data Streaming
kafka, kafka-python, ksql, kafka-REST-proxy, development

Simulate and display the status of train lines in real time by construction of a streaming event pipeline around Apache Kafka and its ecosystem using public data from the Chicago Transit Authority. Architecture # Creating Kafka Producers # To create a Kafka Producer we must define a model and schema and then configure the kafka producer to emit some events. Producer # A producer partitioner maps each message to a topic partition, and the producer sends a produce request to the leader of that partition. ...

Android Home launcher from scratch

Jan 20, 2019
Development, Android Development
android, android-development, launcher, kotlin, development, MVVM

Intro # An attempt to create a simple android home screen launcher in kotlin. About # Features # Grid apps List apps Abilty to search for apps Gestures Support (Swipe Left to clear text, Swipe down to disable keyboard) App Size (small, medium, large) Always keyboard to search quickly Long press an app to uninstall the app or view system app settings Add blur to background (WIP) Built using # RecyclerView MVVM architecture Kotlin Android Studio Android ViewModel PackageManager Android Navigation Android Jetpack Screenshots # Grid View # List View # Settings #